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how to develop concepts

Concept Development Guide – How to Develop Concepts

Concept development is a fundamental part of the product development process, as it sets the foundation for the rest of the product journey. During this stage, you will generate, evaluate, and refine ideas that eventually evolve into products or services. Concept development takes an abstract idea and creates a well-defined, practical, and actionable product design ready for prototype development. Without a clear and well-developed concept, moving forward is difficult and costly. We discuss in this article how to develop concepts using the concept development process. What is concept development? Concept development means defining and refining a specific idea or set ... Read More


product design experience

3 Reasons Experience Matters in Product Design

In today’s competitive design and manufacturing environment only the strongest and most prepared survive. Both Synectic Product Development and Mack Molding have long track records of success, proving that both ... Read More
Medical Device FDA Regulation and Classification Infographic

Medical Device FDA Regulation and Classification Infographic

Need help classifying your medical device? Speak with one of our experts and get answers to all your project questions. Contact Us About Synectic Product Development: Synectic Product Development is ... Read More
project setup

Set Up Your Product Development Project in 5 Easy Steps

Once you have selected a product development company, you may be asking yourself what the next step in the product development process is. While each company approaches product design differently, ... Read More