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Industrial Design Services

Learn about all our industrial design and human factors engineering services below and see how our capabilities can address your specific problem. 

brainstorming sketch service

Brainstorming Sketch

Sketching is a fast and cost-effective tool for communicating an initial idea. A brainstorming sketch is a rudimentary but effective means of quickly externalizing thoughts to other designers.
reference sketching service

Reference Sketch

A reference sketch is type of idea sketch with additional artistic themes described or highlighted so that they can be pulled into other industrial design elements in the future.
image rendering service


A rendering, also known as a first concept drawing, is artistic in nature and shows how the concept could look once designed
storyboarding service


Storyboarding is a drawing technique that visually depicts how the concept will be used, set up, or installed, typically with some type of spatial size referencing, i.e. a human hand or a coin.
presentation rendering service

Presentation Rendering

Presentation rendering works off of the first concept rendering created earlier. It adds additional design details to help mechanical engineers better evaluate the concept or strategy.
detail drawing service

Detail Drawings

Detail drawings, also known as technical, production, or construction drawings, contain design details of the specific components that make up the device.
technical illustration service

Technical Illustration

During this step of the process, our industrial designers create a technical illustration showing details with a high degree of realism. It also includes exploded views of the product.
design development modeling service

Design Development Models

A design development model is a simple mock-up that can be used to provide voice of the customer (VOC) feedback by illustrating the relationships between components and how the end user will interface with the product.

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Designed With The End User In Mind




Ergonomic solutions

Industrial design is the creative aspect of product design that concentrates on both the appearance and functionality of your product. Essentially, it creates products that not only work flawlessly but look and feel good too. While our mechanical engineering team focuses on function and repeatability, the industrial design side of Synectic focuses on form and usability. Our engineers rely heavily on customer feedback, whether that be from a surgeon or consumer, to craft a design that is functional, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

ergonomic industrial design

human factors engineering

Human focused engineering

Human factors engineering focuses on reducing human error and increasing productivity all while enhancing safety and physical comfort. This branch of engineering centers around the interaction between a human and the product instead of the product's function. Synectic's engineers utilize the latest in user experience technology to craft designs that are ergonomically sound and user friendly.

Beautiful industrial design

Synectic is an industrial design company with a focused team that considers user requirements, manufacturing processes, human factors, and ergonomics. The end result is not only functional, cost-effective, and manufacturable, but also looks and feels good to the user. Our service portfolio can take you all the way through the product development process from the initial concept sketches to detailed renderings, and all the way to final development models. 

beautiful industrial design