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Vertically integrated manufacturing

Synectic product development is a forty year old, full-service, fixed-fee, design and development engineering company. Mack Molding is a one hundred year old, family-run, contract manufacturer and injection molder. Our acquisition into the Mack Group in June of 2013, allows us to efficiently take a project from a white sheet of paper all the way to high volume manufacturing and order fulfillment or anywhere in between. The Mack Group has all the tools and resources necessary to handle a variety of manufacturing needs while giving our clients the personal attention they have come to expect from working with us. 

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A manufacturer with engineering experience

By partnering with the Mack Group, we own the problem from start to finish. Established at Synectic, our ISO 13485 certified design control process involves documented requirements, risk management assessment, and multiple prototype builds and tests. Throughout the entire product design, we keep an eye on developing a manufacturable solution so your product will be well vetted and well documented. While your invention is still in development, Synectic will engage Mack's Advance Development Center (ADC) team to critique the design from a manufacturing perspective. Engineers will review CAD models for not only moldability and assemblability but also material choices or mold design. Optimizing the design for injection molding and the manufacturing process ensures your overall manufacturing costs are low. By following our proven design control process, the Mack Group will guarantee that superior parts will be made from quality tools. Since the entire process is done in house you do not have to worry about finger-pointing if something goes wrong. Owning the problem means efficient team collaboration with reduced idle time between decisions, all with the goal of launching a well-designed and manufactured product quickly the first time.

Manufacturing for any industry

We have extensive manufacturing experience in the following industries and markets:

  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Transportation
  • Energy & Environment
  • Computer & Electronics
  • Consumer goods
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Capital equipment
  • Military & Defense
  • and more...
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