Diverse engineering experience



Below is a taste of some of the products and inventions we have aided in getting to market. At Synectic, we highly value our client relationships. While we would love to show you more examples of the products and devices we have developed, that information is proprietary to our clientele. If you would like to know more about the work we have done that is related to your project, contact us directly, and we would be happy to discuss our engineering services and portfolio in further detail.

Cervical Plate

Developed a multi-step cervical plate that prevents both fixed and variable screws from backing out regardless of the trajectory angle.

Cell Processor

Developed cell processing capital equipment that utilizes novel technology for use in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Surgical Robot

Developed a family of single use disposable end effectors, that can grasp, seal, cut, and dissect during robotic surgery.

Hemodialysis Kit

Developed a catheter repair kit for replacing cracked or broken female Luer lock connections on patient's existing catheters.

Vessel Sealer

Developed a complete vessel sealing system, comprised of a vessel sealer and surgical generator for use in medical electrosurgery.

Vitrectomy System

Redesigned a device that injects a drug in combination with the vitrectomy, through a single opening in the eye.

Pediatric Stapler

Developed a 5mm stapler, using the current standard 10mm staple, for use in pediatric patients.

Surgical Stapler

Developed a handheld surgical stapler for fixating mesh, during inguinal hernia repair, using the Lichtenstein method.

Laparoscopic Device

Developed a dynamic laparoscopic retracting device that could retract the liver and remove the gallbladder.