Product Design Services

Product ideation and concept development


Product design is where your idea begins to take shape. Synectic creates product designs that work. At the end of the product design phase, you will have a minimum of two to three concepts, sketches, and CAD models. We give you the tools necessary for success no matter where you are in product development.

Almost anyone can design a product that looks aesthetically pleasing from the outside. Getting that design to function is where Synectic shines as a product design company. Our product developers will design and engineer it for functionality and reliability.

Unlike competitors who may leave you with nothing, everything we generate around your idea is yours. Get tangible deliverables at every phase of the concept development process:

  • First, our entire engineering team collaborates with you to brainstorm initial ideas that solve the identified design problem.
  • Next, we convert the 2D product concepts into detailed 3D models using CAD software.
  • Finally, we continue refining the product and its components for prototype development in the next development phase.
  • The final result is a product design that meets your project needs and is ready for prototyping and testing.

Over the last forty years, we have developed hundreds of product designs for our clients. Our small size eliminates red tape, allowing us to design unique concepts quickly, saving you time and money.

product design services


Concept Generation

Tackle your engineering problems with ease using our collaborative brainstorming session. Our entire engineering team works with you to generate initial concepts that solve the identified design problem.

Concept Sketches

Stay on time and on budget with sketching, a fast and cost-effective tool for communicating an initial idea. We use different sketching techniques to create realistic drawings depicting how the product, or parts of a product, could look.

CAD Renderings

Be ready for prototype development with CAD models. Engineers convert product concepts from 2D sketches into 3D models using computer-aided design software such as SolidWorks. These 3D models are used to create prototypes in later development phases.

Engineering Refinement

Prove your idea works with early breadboard prototypes that test out concepts. Further concept refinement and downselection occur until we find a clear winner.


Being part of a vertically integrated manufacturing company, we know what is necessary for production. When designing your product, we keep that information in mind throughout the product development process. Your design will stay manufacturing-ready from the initial concept until it is time to move to our new product introduction area.

Our product design engineers will develop and refine your concepts using their mechanical engineering, electronic design, and industrial design experience. You will enter prototype development with a product design that:

  • Works well and looks good, regardless of whether it is a medical device or a consumer product.
  • Saves you time and money by not requiring a complete redesign before manufacturing.

With hundreds of successful designs in our portfolio, dozens of collaborated patents, and decades of product design expertise, Synectic has what it takes to make you an outstanding product.

For more examples of our product designs, see our portfolio below.