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product specifications service

Product Specifications

The PDS outlines the user and functional requirements for your product. This critical document is a standard component of Synectic’s process. It ensures all product requirements are communicated accurately between the customer and the design team.
patent review service

Patent Review

We review the patent landscape and provide an assessment of the claims and product developed. This assessment will determine if the IP is expired, how specific the claims are, or if the same functionality can be achieved via an alternative design path.
competitive analysis service

Competitive Analysis

Being second or third to market can have its advantages; understanding the opportunities for improvements often creates a better solution. Synectic will benchmark current products and interview end users to identify potential design improvements.
concept generation service

Concept Generation

Synectic’s entire team collaborates with the client to brainstorm initial concepts that solve the identified design problem. These concepts are communicated using hand sketches, breadboard prototypes, or CAD.
concept design service

Concept Design

We convert device concepts into detailed CAD designs. Then, create parts to a level of detail that allows them to be fabricated using rapid prototyping techniques. Finally, we build assemblies that depict the entire end product and how the parts are interconnected.
prototype development

Product Development

Using our extensive array of prototyping services we fabricate parts and perform first article inspections to ensure that the parts were made accurately. Individual parts are assembled and tested by verifying that they meet the intended design goal.
product testing service

Product Testing

Synectic conducts all tests using an approved protocol based on the Product Development Specification. This checks that the product design meets the intended functionality. The results are documented in a testing report.
quality documentation service

Quality Documentation

Maintaining a detailed Design History File is a core value and a differentiator of our medical device design process. As part of our quality management system, Synectic is diligent in documenting all quality aspects of your product design.

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Real product design experience

Synectic has decades of experience in product design. We specialize in applying that experience to your individual project needs; taking your product from concept all the way to production. When designing your product we pull from our expertise in mechanical engineering, electronic design, and industrial design to develop concepts that impress. The design process doesn't stop there. Once concepts are chosen and developed further, prototyping begins and your product begins to take shape. The design is tested for functionality and repeatability before heading into our new product introduction area. At that time your design is one step closer to product launch. The final step of the process is full-scale contract manufacturing.

product design sketch

product design using CAD

Product design that meets your needs

Unlike other design firms that follow a time and materials model, leaving you stuck with an enormous bill and little to show for it, Synectic's fixed-fee approach to design keeps the project on track and within your budget. You can rest assured knowing exactly what each phase entails so you can focus on your business and not the project's bottom line. No matter what phase you are in, we can tailor our process to fit your needs. Best of all, our knowledge and experience mean we excel at getting to market faster than the competition. When time and money are on the line who are you going to trust with your product?

Award winning products

With hundreds of successful designs in our portfolio, dozens of collaborated patents, and decades worth of product design experience, Synectic has what it takes to make an outstanding product. With experience ranging from small handheld items to large capital equipment. We've tackled challenges in the following retail markets: medical and dental, home appliances, health and beauty, toys and games, consumable products, technology and electronics, sporting goods, and robotics. Still not convinced? Our portfolio speaks for itself.

product design using 3D printing