New Product Introduction Services

Production refinement and product launch


New product introduction is the first step in transferring your product design into full-scale manufacturing. Our new product introduction space offers a controlled manufacturing environment to debug and fine-tune the manufacturing process. This critical step is a low-cost solution to mitigating risk early. Our goal during this time is to successfully test out the manufacturing and assembly processes and strategy before transferring to contract manufacturing. By fine-tuning and optimizing the production process, we identify and eliminate issues that could arise during lot builds. Unfortunately, if you skip this critical step and move from prototype development into full-scale production, you greatly increase your risk of higher scrap and costly assembly errors during contract manufacturing. Synectic’s advantage over other product development companies is our cross-functional controlled manufacturing environment, which:
  • Can be customized for different production line layouts (so we have the perfect space for products starting the journey into manufacturing)
  • Allows us to bring engineering and manufacturing together to work quickly at refining the development and manufacturing process for a smooth product launch.
Not sure how new product introduction fits into your project? Watch our introductory video and discover how new product introduction brings your invention to life.
new product introduction services


Pilot Manufacturing

R&D Builds
Tooling & FAI
Packaging Design
Fixture & Nest Design
Assembly Process Development
Refine the assembly and production process during pilot manufacturing. Pilot manufacturing has three components: documentation, building, and testing. Building and testing tend to happen in tandem, as once a system or fixture is built, it needs testing. The test results provide feedback leading to adjustments in the process. Those adjustments will also require testing to prove they work, and so forth.

Pilot Production

Low Volume Lots
Qualification Lots
Installation Qualification (IQ)
Operational Qualification (OQ)
Performance Qualification (PQ)
Finalize your scale-up process in pilot production and move to contract manufacturing. Our manufacturing engineers test your product against real-world scenarios, establishing the highest and lowest manufacturing process window limits that ensure a safe working product. All units produced during pilot production are traceable and sellable.