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Why Synectic Product Development


Synectic is a Connecticut based product development company that can bring your new product to market 20% quicker than the typical design house. Using our step-by-step product development process your product moves from product design to prototype development and finally new product introduction before seamlessly transferring to our larger contract manufacturing facilities within the Mack Group. The result is a product that can be taken from design to manufacturing without the increased costs and headaches associated with traditional design transfer.

Product Design

Product Design

Concept development and refinement addressing project requirements using sketches and CAD
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Prototype Development

Protototype Development

Fabricate, test, and refine various stages of prototypes from breadboards to final demo units
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Manufacturing and assembly processes are developed and refined to mitigate risk, decrease cost, and optimize scalability
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Quality & Regulatory Management

Quality & Regulatory Management

Quality management documentation according to ISO and FDA regulations and standards.
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Finding a trustworthy product development company can make or break your project’s success. Our clients consistently choose us for our exceptional value and expertise. With our unique vertical integration approach, we provide an efficient and effective solution for complete product development, from concept to market. Our team of experienced engineers ensures that every aspect of your project is handled with care and precision. Trust Synectic to bring your product to life.

Upfront Pricing

We keep you on time and budget with our fixed-fee approach to product development.

Quality Focused

We have a fully incorporated quality system and are ISO 13485:2016 Certified.

Complete Development

We have the in-house capabilities to take your product from idea to manufacturing.

Proven Experience

We have over four decades of experience developing innovative products in all industries.

Tangible Deliverables

We give you real deliverables at every phase of product development.

Maintain Confidentiality

We sign an NDA to protect your ideas and do not claim any ownership over your product.


Synectic is a product development company with 40 years of experience designing, building, and manufacturing products. While our origins are rooted in developing medical devices, we have worked in industries from commercial products to capital equipment to military and defense. Here is a small sampling of the products we have brought to market.

Cervical Plate

Developed a multi-step cervical plate that prevents both fixed and variable screws from backing out regardless of the trajectory angle.​

Cell Processor

Developed cell processing capital equipment that utilizes novel technology for use in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Surgical Robot

Developed a family of single use disposable end effectors, that can grasp, seal, cut, and dissect during robotic surgery.

Hemodialysis Kit

Developed a catheter repair kit for replacing cracked or broken female Luer lock connections on patient's existing catheters.

Vessel Sealer

Developed a complete vessel sealing system, comprised of a vessel sealer and surgical generator for use in medical electrosurgery.

Vitrectomy System

Redesigned a device that injects a drug in combination with the vitrectomy, through a single opening in the eye.

Pediatric Stapler

Developed a 5mm stapler, using the current standard 10mm staple, for use in pediatric patients.

Surgical Stapler

Developed a handheld surgical stapler for fixating mesh, during inguinal hernia repair, using the Lichtenstein method.

Laparoscopic Device

Developed a dynamic laparoscopic retracting device that could retract the liver and remove the gallbladder.


Project Kick-Off

Your project begins with a kick-off meeting to review the proposal and establish a detailed strategy. Depending on your project needs, our team of engineers will conduct a comprehensive patent review, gather valuable customer feedback, and thoroughly analyze competitive products, all while keeping in mind the specific requirements of your project. Next, we will work with you to create a product development specification (PDS). This crucial document outlines the design and functionality of your product, serving as the foundation for its development.

Concept Development

After the kick-off meeting, our team of experienced engineers will brainstorm innovative concepts using their extensive product development knowledge. Our industrial designers will then transform these abstract ideas into 2D drawings. Next, we assess the concepts based on their ability to meet PDS requirements,  selecting the most suitable one. The chosen concept will be developed into detailed 3D CAD models, and depending on your project needs, we may create one or two breadboard prototypes to test the proof of concept. At the end of this phase, you will have a refined concept ready for prototyping.


In this stage, we use the 3D CAD models of your product created in the previous step to create physical parts through different prototyping techniques, such as 3D printing, available at our sister company Mack Prototype. The prototyping method used depends on factors such as part complexity, the cost of the materials, the environment it will be used in, and the desired finish. Once we assemble your prototype, our engineers test and troubleshoot it against the product development specification. We repeat this process several times until we produce a completely functional and reliable prototype that meets all the PDS requirements.


We take your design from prototype development to manufacturing with DFM/DFA. DFM/DFA refers to design for manufacturing and design for assembly, respectively. At this stage of new product introduction, our product development engineers will redesign each component of your product to achieve the best fabrication and cost. Before transferring to contract manufacturing, we aim to test the manufacturing and assembly processes, identifying and eliminating issues that could arise during lot builds.

Contract Manufacturing

After perfecting the design and manufacturing process, your product is ready for contract manufacturing at scale. Our Mack Group uses various resources to turn prototypes into production parts. We offer flexibility in design with plastic injection molding and can cut metal parts to size using CNC machining or sheet metal fabrication. Additionally, we enhance the look of your product with finishing and painting services. We also provide inventory and supply chain management services to help bring your product to market. For small manufacturing lots, we use our Woodbridge facility, while larger lots are produced at one of our Mack Molding facilities. Our lean manufacturing model allows us to continuously refine the assembly process and identify cost-reduction opportunities at every step.


Your project cost can differ greatly based on its complexity, materials, and stage of product development. We offer fixed-fee pricing for all our proposals, ensuring that you know what your costs will be from the beginning of the project. To receive a quote, kindly fill out the contact form, and one of our product development specialists will contact you about your project.

Yes! Our company offers a range of services including manufacturing, assembly, and distribution of your product. For small volume manufacturing, we have on-site facilities available. If you require larger lot volumes, we work with our parent and sister companies within the Mack Group, which have facilities located throughout the United States.

At this time, Synectic does not partner with or invest in any product or company in exchange for product development services. This allows you to remain 100% in control of your company and intellectual property.

To receive a quote, kindly fill out the contact form, and one of our product development specialists will contact you about your project.

Yes! Once you submit a contact form, our office will send you a mutual NDA that safeguards both of us and ensures that your invention is not copied or stolen. If your company has its own NDA, please email it to [email protected] for review.

We realize that selecting a product development company is a major decision. At Synectic, we prioritize honesty and open communication with our clients. Our team collaborates with you to create a proposal that meets the project needs and fits your budget. The proposal outlines the tangible items you will receive at each project stage. Everything generated around your product, including sketches, CAD files, prototypes, and assembly fixtures, belongs to you.


The key to our product development expertise is our unique company structure within the Mack Group. Mack Group is a 100+-year-old manufacturing company operating 11 facilities in the U.S. and Mexico. These facilities include more than 1.5 million square feet of space devoted to contract manufacturing high-level assemblies and complex electronics. This means that when you partner with Synectic, you partner with the entire Mack Group. Together, we can reduce the time to bring your new product to market by 20%.

The Synectic/Mack merger has allowed two highly regarded entities to combine experience to become more than the individual. The net result is a stronger and more productive product development company. Here is what you can expect from Synectic and the Mack Group:

  • Better quality for less. To minimize your cost, the transition from product development to manufacturing must be as seamless as possible. We have refined this process and pride ourselves on having assembled a small, highly experienced engineering team, working within streamlined procedures and minimal red tape.
  • Consistent communication. Open communication between all parties involved in your product development project is vital. Synectic Product Development and the Mack Group make regular communication a core tenet. We mandate techniques to ensure consistent communication throughout your project, reducing misunderstanding and confusion.
  • People first mindset. A satisfied customer is the ultimate measure of success. Both Synectic Product Development and the Mack Group have histories of long-standing and repeat customers, giving testament to work well done and customer satisfaction. You can expect from us a commitment to meet all project goals and requirements throughout the product development and manufacturing process.
For more information on how the Mack Group can improve your product development project, visit our sister companies.