Product Strategy

Product definition and market strategy


Synectic’s forty years of product development experience has taught us that careful product strategy in early product design phases translates to lower costs and faster results for inventors. We understand that careful planning, documenting, and analyzing designs early often prevents redesigns and do-loops later in prototype development. Using a combination of patent review, market research, and customer feedback, we work with you to establish your Product Development Specification (PDS). This evolving document is a standard component of our process as it provides a framework for development, keeping everyone involved with your project on the same track.

Remain in control of your invention with our one-to-one customer service model. We start by assigning an engineer as your point of contact throughout the entire project. This one-to-one communication between our company and yours reduces miscommunication and time delays, saving you time and money.

Maintain rights to your idea. At Synectic, we do not license your invention meaning you own all the intellectual property rights. Your invention is yours and stays yours.

product strategy services


Voice of the Customer

Focus Groups
Customer Surveys
Clinician Feedback
Identify your customer's wants and needs via voice of the customer feedback. Using various methods such as interviews, surveys, and focus groups we discuss the features and benefits of your invention. The responses gained from these methods are used to write the Product Development Specification.

Product Development Specification

User Needs
Problem Identification
Functional Requirements
Keep your project on track with the Product Development Specification (PDS), a written document describing your invention, including what you would like your product to do and how you would like the user to interface with it. A well-written PDS is essential as it guides the design process forward and ensures all product requirements are communicated accurately between the customer and the design team.

Market Research

Patent Review
Feature Breakdown
Competitor Analysis
Determine potential development limitations using thorough market research. Benchmark current products and identify potential design improvements with a competitor analysis. A review of the patent landscape determines if the IP is expired, how specific the claims are, or if the same functionality is achievable via an alternative design path. A breakdown of currently marketed features provides insight into future development efforts.