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how to design for 3d printing

How to Design for 3D Printing

3D printing is a prototyping method that "prints" a three-dimensional physical object in layers from a digital file. Compared to traditional prototyping methods, 3D printing is fast and low-cost. While 3D printing appears to be the magic solution for all design challenges, there are limitations to the technology. Therefore, one must consider these limitations and incorporate, eliminate, or adjust certain features to optimize the design for 3D printing. This article covers the most common considerations and how to incorporate them when designing for 3D printing.  Available 3D Printing Technology There are multiple technologies available for 3D printing, with new technologies ... Read More


quality control

5 Ways a Quality Management System Enhances your Medical Device

The FDA outlines specific requirements for developing a medical device. These requirements necessitate a product development process conducted in progressive stages. This rigor ensures that risk and device effectiveness are ... Read More
plastic resin selection

6 Key Considerations When Selecting Plastic Resin

As a leading contract manufacturer, resin selection is one area of plastic injection molding where we often find the most distinctiveness. When selecting plastic resins you must remember that each ... Read More
inventor cost

The Hidden Cost of Inventing: Fixed-Fee vs. Time-and-Materials

In the world of product development, inventors looking to keep costs controlled are leaning more and more towards outsourcing engineering services to a product development company. As with any client/vendor ... Read More
Infographic explaining how quality managment and ISO 13485:2016 can make or break your medical device

Quality Management Systems and ISO 13485:2016 Infographic

Need help developing an ISO compliant QMS? Speak with one of our experts and get answers to all your project questions. Contact Us About Synectic Product Development: Synectic Product Development ... Read More
research for inventing

How to Invent Something: 3 Essentials to Get Started

Inventing in today's ever-changing business market can be daunting. Inventors need to establish a business plan, raise funds, and find a capable product design company before product development can begin ... Read More
how to launch your product with NPI

How to Launch Your Product

If you are asking how to launch your product, you must first ask yourself if your product is ready for manufacturing and market launch. If you respond, “Of course I am ... Read More
different types of prototypes

Everything You Need to Know About Prototypes

After settling on a product design, the next step in the product development process is prototype development. This is where you take your drawings and models and transform them into ... Read More
how to get a patent

How to Get a Patent

Do you have an idea but are uncertain how to patent that idea? You are not alone. Navigating the world of patents is not easy and can be incredibly frustrating ... Read More