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This is where Synectic excels. For more than 30 years, medical device design and development has been the core focus of Synectic’s business model. As industry leaders, we have proven time and time again that we are the experts in getting a reliable medical device to market. With our highly knowledgeable team of engineers who have decades worth of experience  designing and developing medical devices, we are able to overcome even the most daunting design challenges. Our medical product development process focuses on usability, cost efficiency, and manufacturability all while maintaining the strict ISO 13485 quality standards you have come to expect from Synectic.

From capital equipment to handheld medical devices, Synectic has designed it all. We know how daunting getting your medical device to market can be and we are here to help. Our experts are available to walk you through navigating the patent landscape, gaining FDA, UL, and ADA approval, clinician feedback/VOC studies, in-vitro and in-vivo design testing, and the myriad of quality documentation necessary for manufacturing.  Best of all, our relationship with our parent company Mack Molding means your design remains in-house during every step of the process, from initial concept all the way to high-volume manufacturing.

Learn about all our medical device design services below and see how we can tackle your challenge. If you do not see a particular medical device design service you are looking for, contact us and we would be happy to discuss your project needs further.

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