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Electronic Design Services

Learn about all our electronic design and electrical engineering services below and see how our capabilities can address your specific problem. 

graphical user interface

UX Design

UX design and development considers clientele, environment, and other information to determine the optimum human-to-machine communication, ensuring a pleasant user experience.
wireless device

Wireless, Bluetooth, and RFID

Using various technologies we develop wireless circuits that communicate with cloud-based servers or other systems . These circuits are optimized for communication distance, interference, and security.
pcb board design

PCB Board Design

Synectic engineers create all the traces and layouts for PCBs. In the early electronic design phases, PCBs can be larger and contain additional functionality, which can expedite development when exact features are not known.
software development

Software Development

Our software development team has decades of coding knowledge at its disposal and can write code for any device specification; from simple command software to complicated mobile application with desktop integration.
embedded systems

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems contain dedicated functions within a larger mechanical or electrical system. These systems are optimized to reduce size and cost as well as increase reliability and performance of your electronic device.

Schematics and Gerber Files

Schematics are graphical representations of your electrical circuit to show the functionality and interaction of each component. Gerber files describe the traces for reproducing the electrical circuits during manufacturing.
electronic testing and validation

Electronic Testing and Validation

Electronic testing and validation is performed using approved protocols to ensure a safe and usable product. A fully documented test report is created to record the details and results of the tests.
iec logo

IEC 60601-1

Synectic electrical and electronic engineers are fully versed in the technical standards for the safety and performance of medical devices as described in IEC 60601-1.

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Intelligent user interface

We take electronic design to the next level. Our software developers and UX designers are knowledgeable in all the current and emerging coding languages. We can design any type of user interface you can imagine. When you entrust Synectic's team of electronic engineers with your product, you ensure that yours stands out above the competition. With 40 years of UX design experience, Synectic has created a core competency of themes and layouts that ensure pleasant user engagement. Give your users an intuitive and enjoyable experience in a product that they will want to continue using.

intelligent user interface

futuristic electronic design

Futuristic electronic design

The future of electronics is here. With wearable electronics taking over the market and the rise of “the internet of things”, electronic design is now at the forefront of product design. Synectic knows that you want the latest and greatest when it comes to your product's speed and power, all without sacrificing usability. Our engineers have extensive experience in everything from circuit boards, to user interface, to RFID tags. Smash the competition with a wireless device that incorporates lightning speed hardware and intelligently integrated software all into one portable package.

State of the art electronics

If you need a Bluetooth-enabled wearable product in conjunction with a user-friendly mobile application, we're the product development company for you. Synectic's unique approach to the product development process means we can address multiple electronic and electrical requirements under one roof. This keeps your time to market and development costs down. All of our electronic designs follow IEC 60601-1 regulation. Additionally, we test your electronic product against rigorous quality metrics. The resulting electronics are safe, user-friendly, and top of the line, as you would expect from a seasoned electronic design company.

state of the art electronics