1. Product Design & Development Services

    Founded in 1981, Synectic® Engineering Inc. is a full service product development company focusing on design, research, development, and manufacturing of medical devices and consumer products. Synectic’s specialties include design engineering, creating intellectual property, pre-clinical testing, and manufacturing. It designs for clinical relevance, manufacturability, ergonomics, and cost efficiency. Synectic® has experience with cardiac, endoscopic, diagnostics, bariatric, interventional cardiovascular, diabetes care, minimally invasive, orthopedics, endovascular, gynecological/urological, neurological, general surgery, dental, opthalmalgic and consumer healthcare products.

    Synectic develops medical products for clients on a contract basis. Synectic provides its customers with a full “turn-key” solution including custom mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering, industrial design, quality and regulatory support, rapid prototyping and contract (pilot) manufacturing services.

    As a diversified product development company, Synectic has designed and delivered numerous products that encompass a broad sector of the medical device industry. Areas of concentration include:

    • Surgical instruments
    • Orthopedic devices
    • Catheters and stents
    • Urology/gynecology
    • Diagnostic devices
    • Drug delivery
    • Consumer Health

    Competitive Advantages include:

    • Dedicated engineering capabilities
    • Clinical focus in product development
    • Product and process validation
    • Ability to provide rapid prototyping and manufacturing
    • Outstanding customer relationships