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Welcome Sydney! Synectic’s Newest Team Member

Sydney Stewart Headshot

Sydney Stewart is the latest addition to Synectic's team of talented design and development engineers. Join us, as we sit down with Sydney to find out a little bit about our newest Engineer and what brought her to Synectic. 


Hello Sydney, thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. Why don’t you start by telling us a little more about your background and what interested you in pursuing a career in engineering.

SS: I graduated from UConn with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. In early schooling, I was most interested in the math and science fields and always enjoyed some strategic problem-solving. I chose this field based on being the child of a Civil Engineer and a Certified Hand Therapist. I wanted a mix of engineering and the medical field since both career routes seemed so rewarding. I have work experience in assembly and manufacturing, technical documentation, quality testing, and research and development.


Out of all the product development companies out there, what made you decide to come and work at Synectic?

SS: Synectic has a combination of a small company’s charm and a large company’s variety of expertise, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be part of such a unique and dedicated team. I started my career in consumer electronics, but while I enjoyed what I did, it wasn’t where my routes started with biomedical engineering. It feels good to gear my career based on things I’m more passionate about like medical devices. These devices can be more rewarding because they may save lives one day, the weight of these projects is one I’m willing to carry.


Your work is based in our recently added new product introduction area, can you tell everyone a little bit about what you do there?

SS: I am working as a Product Realization Engineer, helping bring to life out-of-the-box designs with well-thought-out plans and procedures based on very real manufacturing and development processes. There are a lot of gaps these days between the engineer, the manufacturer, and the user. Sometimes the needs/requirements that should be present in developing a product are lost in the process. I’m happy to say my team and I work to bridge that gap.


What quality or ability do you bring to Synectic that can help our customers, especially in our new product introduction area?

SS: I bring constructive creativity into my work to help maintain a realistic product without jeopardizing the key features that make a product unique. In the past, I’ve worked under researcher and technician titles but I feel that the work I have done in the past has really groomed me for my engineering position. It is hard to be a good engineer, and plan the outcome of a project, without the knowledge of how the development/testing and manufacturing processes will affect your product.


Is there anything else about yourself you would like to add? What are some of your hobbies when not at work? 

SS: I absolutely adore animals. When not at work, I enjoy fair weather rides on my Harley Sportster and my go-to beverage is an ice-cold apple juice.


Ok Sydney, before we wrap up, everyone's dying to know what's your favorite type of pizza? 

SS: Probably chicken bacon ranch but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t play it simple with a nice thin crust pepperoni some days.