Self-checkout systems are gaining popularity in retail, particularly grocery and “big box” stores. Retailers are looking for systems that provide an intuitive user experience, have a reduced footprint, and are modular so they can adjust as the store needs change.

A large multinational corporation approached Synectic Product Development to design their new Self-Checkout System. The customer’s project goals were to reduce cost and improve aesthetics from their current heavy metal model. The retail-inspired system would be modular, modern, and color customizable. Additionally, the product needed to meet or exceed all ADA regulations. To tackle the project, SYNECTIC’s interdisciplinary team of electronic, industrial, and mechanical engineers:

  • Analyzed and evaluated the currently marketed model made from bent sheet metal.
  • Sketched a curved design that met form factor goals and ADA compliance. 
  • Refined the design to create a modular product that could accommodate all configurations while preserving the desired aesthetic. 
  • Incorporated optional features and multiple adapter configurations for the card reader and receipt printer.
  • Converted the current metal design into a low-cost molded aesthetic plastic one.
  • Collaborated with the tool maker to develop configurations that pushed the limits of tooling, 
  • Strategically configured electrical wiring to accommodate LED light strips and fit in with the desired aesthetic.

The final result was an aesthetic, modular, self-checkout system that reduced production costs while meeting customer and ADA specification

self checkout system


metal to plastic self checkout system
A metal-to-plastic design that reduces production costs and allows for advanced tooling techniques.
modular design self checkout system
An aesthetic capital equipment design that maintains its appearance regardless of how many optional features are added or removed.​
self checkout
A self-checkout system that is modular, modern, and can be color customized according to the end-user's needs.​
self checkout
A self-checkout system that is modular, modern, and can be color customized according to the end-user's needs.​​

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