Say Hello to Hope Our Latest Team Member

hope kavulich product realization engineer

Synectic is excited to announce the addition of Hope Kavulich to our growing engineering team. Hope, a recent graduate of Quinnipiac University’s School of Engineering, will be working in our New Product Introduction Department as a Product Realization Engineer. Join us, as we sit down with Hope to find out a little bit about her and why she chose to join our team at Synectic.

Hello Hope, we’re excited to officially welcome you to Synectic. Let’s get started by talking about your background. What attracted you to a career in engineering?

HK: I knew from a young age I wanted to go into a technical field, I just didn’t know it was engineering until about the middle of high school. I always enjoyed building and using my hands, and mechanical engineering ended up being the path I took.

Why did you choose to work at Synectic and what quality or ability do you bring that can help our customers?

HK: Once I began working here as an intern I knew I wanted to stay. The small yet vigorous environment was exactly what I was looking for when starting to apply for jobs. The people here are fantastic in a variety of ways, and their knowledge of all the different jobs we take in is something I’m happy to be surrounded by.

I think I bring new ideas to the plate at Synectic, as I am fresh out of college. However, I have the drive to learn so much more than a classroom can teach. I’m willing to help out anywhere I can, to learn as much as possible.

Your role at Synectic involves working in our new product introduction area. Can you tell us more about that?

HK: I am a Product Realization Engineer, which means I help bring designs into real life and prepare the client with everything they might need to one day manufacture the product themselves. Along with manufacturing, I focus on quality testing devices, analyzing results, and seeing where improvements could be made within the manufacturing process. I work with my team and the client to make the final product as successful as possible.

When you aren’t at work what do you like to spend your time doing? 

HK: I like relaxing when I’m not at work, a beach, a lake, a pool, maybe even a kid pool just for your feet, anywhere to sit in the sun and listen to music really. I like playing and watching sports too, I’m a big fan of baseball and F1 racing.

Of course, before we end, we need to ask the most important question: what’s your favorite type of pizza? 

HK: Favorite pizza? If not a classic cheese from the right place, I like bacon and ricotta. Heavy, but delicious.

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