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Engineering Minute – Massaging Backpack Alleviates Back Pain

A Perdue University student has developed a backpack that massages the wearer's back during use in order to alleviate back pain. According to a report from the American Chiropractic Association, young children are experiencing back pain at a higher rate than previous generations due to an increase in overweight backpacks. While it is recommended that children only carry 10 percent of their body weight on their backs, on average most children carry 40 percent of their body weight.


massaging backpack
Pranay Parekh, a junior in Purdue University’s School of Industrial Engineering, has created a massaging backpack. He calls the backpack EUME sand said it aids in reducing back and shoulder pain because it massages both areas while the user is wearing the backpack. It also contains a built-in phone charger.

“I designed the backpack massager in a way where it would hit your back in six different pressure points to stimulate blood flow and release stress in those areas,” said Pranay Parekh, a Purdue junior in the School of Industrial Engineering. “When the massagers stimulate the blood flow, it takes the weight of the bag off your shoulders and back.”


From the Perdue University article: "Parekh recognized it was a problem that affected him and his peers, so he put his entrepreneurial spirit to work. With a built-in massager, called EUME, the backpack aids in reducing back and shoulder pain because it massages both areas while the user is wearing the backpack. 'EUME comes with a range of features, including adjustability for people of different heights and postures so that massagers can be perfectly placed at pressure points,' Parekh said. 'And the backpack is waterproof, includes a phone charger, has various interior organizational compartments and security pockets.'


In addition to the features listed above, the backpack is composed of a reflective exterior material to make wearers more visible at night. It currently comes in three types: the classic pack, daily backpack, and the travel pack. Parekh is planning on continuing his work on the massaging backpack and EUME after graduation and is in talks with distributors after a successful Kickstarter campaign.


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