Engineering Minute

Engineering Minute – Customizable Supercapacitor

Customizable Supercapacitor Powers Wearable Devices

For wearable devices contributing to the "Internet of Things" a reliable and flexible power source is paramount. To solve this issue, scientists at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have focused their efforts on creating a customizable power source that can be cut, stretched, or folded, like fabric, without losing it's integrity. The rechargeable supercapacitor, when manipulated into a honeycomb-like structure, has the capacity to store an electrical charge at a rate four times higher than existing technology. In tests, when stretched up to four times it original length, it maintained around an 98 percent charge capacity, even after 10,000 stretch-and-release cycles. The hope is for the supercapacitor to be mass produced as a low cost option. Read more about this technology at Nanyang Technological University.

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