Engineering Minute

Engineering Minute – Brain Stethoscope

"Brain Stethoscope" Detects Seizures

Neurologists at Stanford have developed a "brain stethoscope" that detects brainwaves and uses an algorithm to translate them into sound. This technology is being used to detect epileptic seizures that would normally go undetected and untreated in patients who are not experiencing convulsions. These so called silent seizures affect up to  90% of epileptic patients and, although their symptoms are not visible, they can still damage the brain. Traditionally an EEG is used to record brain waves, but the length of time from testing to diagnosis can be hours, even in major hospitals. By translating the EEG into sound, untrained professionals have been able to pick up the changes in brain waves from seizure to non seizure, providing promising evidence for a quicker diagnosis. Read more about this "brain stethoscope" at Stanford University

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