1. We Are Hiring!

    Job Title: Senior Product Development/ Design Engineer

     Job Description:

    The Senior Product Development / Design Engineer is responsible for engineering and designing medical products and surgical instruments and providing engineering leadership within the department.

    Responsibilities include:

    • Create, experiment with, and evaluate new product concepts
    • Lead and Participate in project brainstorming meetings
    • Fulfilling Lead Engineer role on projects such as coordinating multi-functional activities (i.e., labs and presentations to clients), providing technical leadership to other members of the team, and acting as the primary customer contact.
    • Perform engineering activities, including, ensuring customer requirements are met, prototyping, maintaining compliance with quality system requirements, and participating in project status meetings
    • Interface with clients regarding project status
    • Perform detailed and systematic trouble shooting of designs; use DOE and Statistical Methods to support decisions
    • Assure project proceeds in accordance with the Synectic Design Control System (phases I thru VI).
    • Perform according to detailed project timeline (start up to project completion).
    • Participate in clinical and engineering test method development and validation
    • Perform quality system activities to document design in DHF and DMR; Conduct and document Design reviews, FMEA, Verification, Validation and Manufacturing / Quality planning activities
    • Participate in material, component and device assessment and selection for devices and implants
    • Participate in process design and optimization, production scale-up and technology transfer, as applicable
    • Participate in project summary reports, as applicableC. Organization RelationshipsThe Senior Product Development / Design Engineer will report directly to the Engineering Manager of the company. The Senior Product Development / Design Engineer works closely with internal and external technical teams such as other engineers, industrial designers, clinicians and vendors.
    • Job Requirements:A. Education and Experience
    • A minimum of a four year college degree in engineering or science, or equivalent experience, is required or equivalent experience. Strong listening, verbal and written communication skills required both with technical and non-technical people
    • Minimum of five or more years of demonstrated success in product design and development engineering roles with increasing responsibility in an ISO 13485 and/or FDA compliant or similarly design controlled medical device product development environment, specifically including the following experience and qualifications or equivalent experience:
      • Success in advancement of multiple new product development projects, from project startup through commercialization
      • Aptitude for creative, “out of the box” thinking, and translating customer needs into product ideas
      • Strong mechanical and problem solving abilities
      • Ability to function independently and effectively within a multi-disciplinary team
      • Strong interpersonal communication skills and presentation skills
      • Demonstrates strong client centered attitude and maximum flexibility in a rapidly changing environment
      • Works to meet project and budget requirements; plans appropriately and informs management to correct deviations
      • B. Technical Requirements
    • Extensive knowledge of medical product development and manufacturing within the mechanical medical device and surgical instrumentation industry
    • Skilled at thinking strategically, innovating and applying technical knowledge to complex problems
    • Proficient with recent versions of 3D CAD applications (SolidWorks or ProEngineer preferred),
    • Working knowledge of in-house machine shop capabilities and safety procedures.
    • Knowledge of rapid prototyping techniques, molding and extrusion methods, metal processes and components and common medical device assembly processes
    • Familiarity with tissue lab, cadaver lab, and animal lab operations and procedures
    • Familiarity with operation of typical mechanical laboratory equipment, as necessary for material, component and device performance evaluation
    • Solid data analysis, data management, basic statistics and experimental design skills
    • Proficient in problem solving methods, DOE and statistical analysis
    • Knowledge of experimental design and test / gauge R & R
    • Experience with design, fabrication and validation of simulated use and standardized product performance tests
    • Knowledge of polymer / elastomers and metal properties, and common fabrication methods and limitations
    • Knowledge of various fabrication and manufacturing methods for materials and their limitations
    • Familiarity with observing live human surgical procedures
    • Very proficient with PC-based office tools, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Project
    • Basic knowledge of classic stress analysis, Finite Element Analysis and mold flow analysis
    • Capable of conducting patent and competitive product research on the internet.

    Please submit resumes to: info@synectic.net


    Al Bachman Engineering Spot







    We are proud to be celebrating Al Bachman’s 21st anniversary at Synectic Engineering (A division of Mack Molding). Al graduated with a degree in Industrial Design and worked for an Industrial Design Consultant for six years. Al went back to school to obtain a Mechanical engineering degree while holding a part time job as an Industrial Designer. Al Bachman joined Synectic Engineering the day after he graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree and has been here ever since. Al’s responsibilities include concept design, engineering, prototyping and testing.  During that time Al has been named in over 40 patents. I had a chance to sit down with Al and discuss his passion for design and engineering services, and here is what he had to say:


    Al you hold a dual degree in industrial designing and mechanical engineering.  Why did you decide to expand your career into mechanical engineering?

    (Al)-  I enjoyed working as an Industrial Designer, but I really wanted to get into the nuts and bolts of how things work.  It was a dream to be involved in projects from start to finish and to merge the product ergonomics, styling and function.  To do that I really needed to expand my education into engineering.  The product design background gave me a great base to grow on.  Skills such as creative thinking, thinking in 3D space, sketching and presentation have been really helpful.  During my career engineering CAD has transitioned from 2D to 3D, this was a very easy transition for me.


    Al you have been with Synectic Engineering for over 20 years and contributed to over 40 patents.  Are you still excited about working in this field?  What keeps you going?

    (Al)-The medical device field is still very exciting.  There are always new technologies being introduced as well as the ever present need to reduce size and overall costs.  It becomes more enjoyable when you gain the needed skills and experience over the years.  I’ve learned to rely on my colleagues for help.  It’s a balance, sometimes you just want to go off and be alone with your thoughts, but sometimes brain storming with my peers can really expand your boundaries.  I’ve also learned to trust my gut.  If there is some nagging feeling that something is not right, it should be pulled forward and checked out.  There is usually a good reason and it will pay off in the long run.

    What have you enjoyed about working for Synectic Engineering all these years?

    (Al)-  I love the fast pace and exciting projects.  It’s almost impossible to be bored at Synectic.  It’s been wonderful to be surrounded by enthusiastic and talented people who are friends and colleagues.  The relaxed atmosphere is another huge plus.  Our clients come to us with a project that is their “baby”.  They really appreciate it when the project engineer takes ownership.  They see that we are not just in this for the money, we are along for the ride and really want the project to succeed.  This is what has raised us above the pack and what has led to many long term client relationships.

    Al it has been a pleasure working with you over the past few years!  Outside of work what do you like to do in your free time?

    (Al)- Tennis, volley ball, cycling and I’m starting to get into vegetable gardening.  Spending time with my family, my two teenaged boys keep my wife and I busy.  I try to use my away from work time to get myself happy and healthy.  When I come into work I want to be able to concentrate and be away from distractions.