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Synectic Collaborates on Medical Device Featured in MedTech Outlook Magazine

WOODBRIDGE, Conn. (December 15, 2019) – Synectic Product Development announced today that a medical device it collaborated on, was featured on the December 2020 cover of MedTech Outlook Magazine.


The Drive’N Roll™, a novel advanced suturing device, is the brainchild of prominent neurosurgeon Dr. Luis J. Almodovar. As a left-handed surgeon, Dr. Almodovar found himself faced with the common problems of suturing in hard-to-reach places. In response, he partnered with Claude C. Nogard, a health care industry expert, to create the startup ErgoSuture. The company is founded on the principle “FOR Surgeons BY Surgeons”, to generate solutions that enhance a surgeon's skill set.


Traditionally, laparoscopic suturing is a laborious endeavor due to various factors such as limited visibility and range of motion. The concept behind Drive’N Roll™ is to simplify the suturing process by creating a dynamic relationship between the needle and the device.


To bring this revolutionary design to life, ErgoSuture partnered with Synectic Product Development, a full-service design and development company. “Ergosuture has been a great project to collaborate on because Claude and Luis have a lot of clinical experience and have done a lot of market research to know what the industry needs and wants,” said Synectic President Adam Lehman. “This has allowed the team to move this product along quickly and efficiently.”


The result of their efforts is the Drive‘N RollTM, a device that decreases suturing time with the added benefit of a short learning curve. This innovative design is what lead to ErgoSuture featured on the cover of this month’s MedTech Outlook Magazine, as well as being named one of the top ten MedTech startups of 2020. “We have been fortunate enough to be working with them (ErgoSuture) for almost two years developing this, as well as other technologies,” said Jeffrey Ransden, Engineering Manager at Synectic. “They have a great team, and we are very happy to see such a hardworking company get recognized for their ideas and efforts.”


MedTech Outlook Magazine bridges the spectrum between MedTech Technology providers and the Health Care Industry and reports on trends, challenges, and solutions within the MedTech Industry. Other startups featured in the top ten list include Massachusetts-based BOA Biomedical, NeuroDiagnostics Identifying, and Q’Apel. For the full top ten list, visit MedTech Outlook Magazine.

About Synectic Product Development

Founded in 1981, Synectic Product Development is a full-service product design and development company focusing on design, research, development, and manufacturing of medical devices and consumer products. Synectic’s specialties include design engineering, creating intellectual property, pre-clinical testing, and manufacturing. It designs for clinical relevance, manufacturability, ergonomics, and cost-efficiency. Synectic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mack Molding.