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Synectic Product Development Poised for Growth in New Woodbridge, Conn., Facility

WOODBRIDGE, Conn. (April 2, 2019) – Buoyed by an increase in its design and development clientele and a strong business climate in Connecticut, Synectic Product Development has invested more than $1 million to relocate from Milford, Conn., to a newly-renovated, state-of-the-art facility in Woodbridge, Conn.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mack Molding, Synectic serves as Mack’s product development and engineering services arm, focusing on design, research, development, and manufacturing of medical devices and consumer products. With more than 38 years of experience, Synectic has built specialties in design engineering, prototype fabrication, creating intellectual property, pre-clinical testing
and manufacturing.


Synectic’s New Assembly Lab Space
Synectic’s New Assembly Lab Space

The 11 Lunar Drive facility has been renovated to meet the Company’s specific needs and features a new controlled manufacturing environment that could easily be turned into a clean room for small-volume manufacturing. The building itself can be expanded by another 3,000-4,000 square feet to meet future growth needs.


“We more than quadrupled our assembly space to accommodate an increase in growth in our design and rapid prototyping projects.” Synectic President Adam Lehman said. “We doubled the size of our machine shop to increase our in house capabilities, particularly when it comes to part production for prototyping and manufacturing.”


A true Connecticut innovator, Synectic was founded in Orange, Conn., in 1981. The Company moved to Milford in 1996 where it operated until February 2019 when it opened the more than 10,000-square-foot engineering and manufacturing center in Woodbridge. Today Synectic employs 15 people – primarily engineers – and Lehman indicated the Lunar Drive location can be expanded for additional personnel growth.


Above, top, 11 Lunar Drive prior to Synectic’s renovation. Above, bottom, the building as it appears today.
Above, top, 11 Lunar Drive prior to Synectic’s renovation. Above, bottom, the building as it appears today.

As a diversified product development company, Synectic has designed and delivered numerous products that encompass a broad sector of the medical device industry. Areas of concentration include cardiac, endoscopic, diagnostics, bariatric, interventional cardiovascular, diabetes care, minimally invasive, orthopedics, endovascular, gynecological/urological, neurological, general surgery, dental, ophthalmologic, drug delivery and consumer healthcare products.


According to Lehman, the time was right to make the move considering the recent investments in promoting the lifescience, manufacturing and tech industries through accelerators, incubators and training programs across the state.


“From Stamford to Branford to Hartford, we are seeing the state and private industry making Connecticut a hub of innovation and growth,” he said. “Our new Lunar Drive operations has provided us a footprint to seize this opportunity in a space that is optimized to serve our customers. Whether you’re a start-up, seasoned-entrepreneur or a large organization, Synectic’s engineers are prepared to get your product to market, from brainstorming and concept development to engineering, product optimization, prototyping, testing and manufacturing.”


About Synectic Product Development

Founded in 1981, Synectic Product Development is a full-service product design and development company focusing on design, research, development, and manufacturing of medical devices and consumer products. Synectic’s specialties include design engineering, creating intellectual property, pre-clinical testing, and manufacturing. It designs for clinical relevance, manufacturability, ergonomics, and cost-efficiency. Synectic is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mack Molding. For more information, go to

About Mack Molding

Mack Molding is a leading custom plastics molder and supplier of contract manufacturing services. Mack specializes in plastics design, prototyping, molding, sheet metal fabrication, full-service machining, and medical device manufacturing. Founded in 1920, Mack is a privately owned business that operates 11 facilities throughout the world. Don Kendall is CEO and chairman. For more information, go to

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