Prototyping done right

3d printing prototyping

Prototyping is a fundamental phase in the design and development process that turns your paper drawings into a real life object you can see, feel, and interact with. It is an inexpensive and efficient way to test your design concept before heading to market.

A functional prototype is the cornerstone of your invention. Prototyping gives you the opportunity to gain feedback from potential customers and demo the final product. Prototypes also offer an opportunity to check for design flaws, usability improvements, and proper function before being manufactured. Prototyping is essential if you want a functional design that people will want to buy.

Prototyping your product one step at a time

prototyping examples

Throughout the course of your design and development project, there may be many different types of prototypes developed using various prototyping methods. Depending on the desired outcome of the product as well as the complexity, your project may demand tiny variations or tweaks as development progresses. From a basic, quickly printed, alpha prototype using rapid prototyping methods, to a detailed, fully functional, production ready machined prototype, we can easily and inexpensively replicate any design changes.

There are seemingly endless ways in which to construct a prototype. CNC milling, rapid prototyping, and urethane casting are just some of the various prototyping methods we use at Synectic. Best of all, most prototyping work is handled in house to maximize time, cost, and efficiency. When it comes to your project, we will work with you to choose a prototyping path that aligns with your budget and project goals.

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