Image of a video showing how the brain stethoscope works

Engineering Minute – Brain Stethoscope

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"Brain Stethoscope" Detects Seizures Neurologists at Stanford have developed a “brain stethoscope” that detects brainwaves and uses an algorithm to translate them into sound. This technology is being used to detect epileptic seizures that would normally go undetected and untreated in patients who are not experiencing convulsions. These so called silent seizures affect up to¬† […]

screenshot of video depicting how doctors use 3D printed aortas

Engineering Minute – 3D Printed Aortas

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3D Printed Aortas used to test prosthetic valve placement Engineers and doctors at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are using CT scans and 3D printing to create replicas of a patient’s aorta including the exact texture of the tissue. These models help cardiologist decide the optimal replacement valve size and position, preventing complications such […]