screenshot of video depicting how doctors use 3D printed aortas

Engineering Minute – Thursday, March 8th

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3D Printed Aortas used to test prosthetic valve placement Engineers and doctors at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center are using CT scans and 3D printing to create replicas of a patient’s aorta including the exact texture of the tissue. These models help cardiologist decide the optimal replacement valve size and position, preventing complications such […]

still from video demonstrating in air microfluidics technique

Engineering Minute – Tuesday, February 6th

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In-air Microfluidics used for 3D printing living cells Students at University of Twente in Enschede, Netherlands have succeeded in 3D printing structures composed of living cells, using a new technique called ‘in-air microfluidics’. This technique is both fast and flexible allowing the production of viable micro building blocks for use in repairing damaged tissue. See how […]

Stratasys 3D FDM printer

Synectic continues to Grow and Improve!

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SYNECTIC® ENGINEERING ADDS NEW CAPABILITY WITH PURCHASE OF STRATASYS DIMENSIONS ELITE “FDM” PRINTER Synectic® Engineering is a product design and development company, servicing client engineering needs for 35 years. In this fast paced market for design and engineering services, Synectic® is keeping up to speed with our clients’ needs. As we continue to grow our […]