Engineering Minute

Engineering Minute – Smart Seat Cushion Prevents Pressure Ulcers

For people who use a wheelchair, pressure ulcers can develop from sitting for extended periods. When coupled with decreased or lost sensation to the affected area, pressure ulcers can be a serious problem, opening the door for additional complications. In an effort to address this issue, researchers at the University of Texas Arlington have come up with a smart seat cushion to prevent pressure ulcers. The smart seat cushion uses real-time pressure monitoring to detect changes in air pressure and redistribute the users body weight. When a person sits on the cushion, sensors within generate a pressure map identifying vulnerable areas where pressure relief is needed. The cushion then adjusts to redistribute body weight and continues making slight adjustments in pressure to prevent pressure buildup. The team hopes the technology can also be applied to prosthetic users to improve prosthetic fit and comfort. Learn more about the smart seat cushion that prevents pressure ulcers at University of Texas Arlington.

Protoptype smart seat cushion