JustRight® Vessel Sealing System

The challenge

Electrosurgery tools are used to permanently close vessels in minimally invasive surgical procedures. A combination of pressure and electricity initiates collagen melting and tissue fusion. This provides a fast and efficient method of sealing vessels. Synectic was approached to develop a complete vessel sealing system, comprised of a vessel sealer and surgical generator for use in medical electrosurgery. The company's biggest challenge was adapting current technologies for pediatric patients, as none existed in the market. The sealer itself needed to utilize bipolar energy while existing in a 3mm diameter, when current standards were 5mm. The generator needed to be small and function at low power with the goal of minimizing tissue damage.

vessel sealing system generator

vessel sealing system handpiece

Synectic's solution

Synectic set out to tackle both problems simultaneously in a multipart product development plan. As no parameters were currently in place for a tissue sealing device used in children, a test fixture and testing protocol was created to determine these values. Our electronic engineers designed custom circuitry that not only allowed the generator to function at the optimal wattage, but was also safe for the patient. Using a combination of groundbreaking design and material selection, we created a scissor design that prevented conductivity up until the moment the grasper closed around the tissue.

The result

  • A low power generator that is easy to use and intuitive, producing less than 25 watts of power to limit or minimize thermal spread.
  • A custom designed handpiece that is 40% smaller than any other sealer on the market and allows surgeons to dissect and seal delicate tissue.
vessel sealing system

Latest news about the JustRight® Surgical 3mm Vessel Sealer

vessel sealing system

Hologic Acquires Bolder Surgical

Hologic, Inc., a women’s health leader, recently acquired Bolder surgical for $160 million. Bolder surgical is a privately held medical device company producing advanced energy vessel sealing surgical devices. The acquisition expands Hologic’s surgical portfolio to include medical devices used in the laparoscopic space. While originally marketed as pediatric devices, JustRight® 3mm vessel sealer and 5mm stapler can also be applied to OB/GYN applications where small surgical instruments are necessary.“The acquisition of Bolder Surgical will expand Hologic’s growing laparoscopic portfolio and ...
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