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Synectic is a premier product design and development company serving Boston and all of Massachusetts. We offer innovative engineering solutions to complex product design problems. An industry leader in Boston, Synectic has a full range of services to meet all your project needs as well as your budget. Our Boston offerings include invention help, electronic design, industrial design, product design, prototyping, and manufacturing. Our signature fixed-fee approach to engineering means that your project will stay on time and on budget without the "sticker shock" commonly seen with time-and-materials proposals. We have the ability to handle your product design needs from white sheet of paper all the way to full-scale manufacturing. Don't worry if you are already partway through the product development process, our a la carte menu of engineering services means we are able to assist you at any stage from concept to production. 

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Synectic has been my design partner for over ten years. I am a firm believer that creative concepts and functional prototypes is where Synectic shines the most. Without that to evaluate, projects can be on the wrong track from the beginning.

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Boston medical device development

Synectic has been developing medical devices in Boston for almost 40 years. We know what matters when it comes to engineering a safe, reliable, and functioning medical device that can make it in today's competitive market. Our product development engineers can take any medical device idea you may have and turn it into reality. Best of all we offer a full line of medical device design and development services to take your invention from an abstract idea to a real-life manufactured product found in hospitals, doctor's offices, or in patient's homes. Additionally, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle your regulatory questions and concerns. Our quality document system complies with FDA requirements and all our medical devices are designed to the rigorous standards set by ISO 13485. You can feel confident that your medical device will pass FDA inspection the first time. 

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