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Meet Joe! Synectic’s 2019 Summer Intern

Joe Womelsdorf Headshot


Every summer at Synectic we welcome an intern or two and this year is no exception. Synectic’s highly sought after paid internship program is an excellent opportunity for young engineers to get valuable hands-on experience that will help them throughout their careers. After careful review of the many applicants, we chose Joe Womelsdorf to intern with us this summer. I had a chance to speak with Joe about why he chose to intern at Synectic and what his internship experience was like.


Hello Joe, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. Why don’t you start by telling us a little more about your background and what interested you in pursuing an engineering summer internship at Synectic.


JW: I spent most of my time this summer working with the manufacturing team.  I learned to use equipment such as ultrasonic cleaners and welders, pulse TIG welders, and many others.  On my third week working here, I went with another intern and an engineer up to Troy, NY to get trained on how to use our MicroVu precision measurement system.  Basically, this is a very expensive microscope that gets hooked up to a computer and allows you to measure parts very accurately.  This training proved very useful in my time here as I spent a good amount of time measuring incoming parts and ensuring they meet the required specifications. 



Is there anything that surprised you about working with real engineers? 


JW: One thing I did not expect is how much work goes into ensuring quality of every device made here.  Inspection is performed on all incoming parts, measuring dimensions down to ten thousandths of an inch at times.  All this information is then stored in quality documents along with samples of each received part and their drawings.  These parts then enter the assembly area and are built into the final products.  These final products have every part that went into them tracked, so you know where each part of each device came from, when it was bought, from where, etc.  I did not realize how much information really is recorded about every single device that gets manufactured here. 


What was your biggest takeaway from your internship this summer?


JW: The biggest thing I learned was how much engineering taught in schools is different than engineering in real life.  Before I started at Synectic I had no idea what the day to day life of an engineer would be like.  However, after working here the last few months I really got an understanding of not only what engineers do every day, but the type of work design engineers do vs manufacturing engineers, etc.


I’m glad you learned so much during your time here. Is there anything else you would like to add?


JW: Even though I only spent three months working at Synectic, I learned so many invaluable skills that will help me in my future engineering career.  I want to thank everyone who worked with me this summer for being so friendly and helping me out with stuff.