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As an industrial design company, we are often asked “what is industrial design?” and “what is human factors engineering?” Industrial design is the creative aspect that concentrates on both the appearance and functionality of the product. Human factors engineering focuses on reducing human error and increasing productivity all while enhancing safety and physical conform. These two branches focus mainly on the interaction between the human and the product of interest rather than the function of the product itself.  Essentially industrial design and human factors engineering is used to create designs that not only need to work flawlessly, but look and feel good too. While our mechanical engineering team focuses on function and repeatability, the industrial design side of our company focuses on form and usability.

Synectic is an industrial design company with a focused industrial design team that considers user requirements, manufacturing processes, human factors, and ergonomics, resulting in a design that is not only functional, cost-effective, and manufacturable, but also looks and feels good to the end user. Our industrial designers rely heavily on customer feedback, whether that be from a surgeon or from an end user, to craft a design that is functional, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

Learn about all our custom industrial design and human factors engineering services below and see how our industrial design capabilities can solve your product development problem. For more information about the medical concentration of our business, visit our medical device design page.

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Industrial Design & Human Factors Engineering Services

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