Engineering Minute

Engineering Minute – Wearable Tooth Sensor

Wearable Tooth Sensor Tracks Nutrition

The future of wearable devices is getting smaller with a tooth sensor, developed by engineers at Tufts University School of Engineering, that can track glucose, salt, and alcohol intake. Unlike previous iterations which relied on bulky accessories and wiring, the tooth sensor is only 2mm by 2mm. The sensor, which can flexibly conform and bond to a tooth's surface, is made up of three layers: two outer square-shaped gold rings and a middle "bioresponsive" layer that absorbs the nutrients being tracked. The three layers act as an antennae that collects and transmits waves in the radiofrequency spectrum, similarly to how our eyes respond to color wavelengths. They hope to be able to tailor the bioresponsive layer to target a large array of chemicals. Read more at Tufts University.

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