Engineering Minute

Engineering Minute – Handheld Hemafuse Autotransfuser

Handheld Hemafuse Autotransfuser Assists Surgeons in Developing World

In the developing world where people have diminished access to healthcare, those with traumatic internal bleeding are at serious risk due to lack of access to donor blood. Sisu Global Health Inc. has launched a new medical device, called the Hemafuse, that can recycle a patient's own blood lost through traumatic internal bleeding. The handheld medical device, does not require any electricity or special equipment, and can be used up to 25 times before needing to be replaced. The Hemafuse has been approved for sale in Kenya and Ghana as a cost efficient alternative to donor blood. Read more about how the Hemafuse saves lives in the Baltimore Business Journal.


3 panels showing how the hemafuse medical device works

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