1. Medical Device Manufacturing at Synectic & Mack Molding

    The Synectic/Mack Advantage

    Synectic/Mack have all the tools and resources necessary to handle a variety of manufacturing needs while giving our clients the personal attention they have come to expect from working with us. Manufacturing with Synectic and Mack provides an assortment of benefits:

    • Experience: Over 100 combined years of designing and manufacturing products
    • Personal Touch: As a family owned company, Synectic and Mack give you the attention you deserve.
    • Manufacturing capabilities: Synectic and Mack are able to handle all of your low and high volume manufacturing needs in-house.

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    Pilot and Low Volume Device Manufacturing

    Synectic is a full-service design and manufacturing company supporting the customer needs from concept development through low volume manufacturing.

    Capabilities Include:
    • Process development
    • Design for Manufacturability or Assemblability
    • Component sourcing and validation
    • Assembly tools, fixture design, and fabrication
    • Line layouts, BOM development
    • Process FMEA
    • Process and product validation
    • Sterilization validation
    • Packaging design and validation
    • Device Master Records
    • Quality Documentation

    Medical Product Pilot Manufacturing
    Medical Product Small Volume Manufacturing

    High Volume Device Manufacturing

    Mack Molding is a full-service design and manufacturing company supporting the customer needs in high volume manufacturing.

    Capabilities Include:
    •Process Development
    •Design for Manufacturability or Assemblability
    •Component sourcing and validation
    •Assembly tools, fixture design, and fabrication
    •Line layouts, BOM development
    •Process FMEA
    •Process and product validation
    •Sterilization validation
    •Packaging design and validation
    •Device Master Records
    •Quality Documentation

    Medical Contract Manufacturing
    MACK Molding Medical Product Manufacturing