A smart wristband with a wireless connection to smartphones.

Engineering Minute – Smart Wristband Tracts Blood, Environment

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Rutgers University-New Brunswick engineers have developed a smart wristband that wirelessly connects to smartphones for personal health and environmental monitoring. The wristband contains a biosensor that counts particles including blood cells, bacteria, and particulates in the air, exponentially enhancing the current suite of wearables commercially available. Blood samples are taken via pinpricks where they are […]

the smart shunt systems alerts doctors when a brain shunt may be failing

Engineering Minute – Smart Shunt System For Pediatric Hydrocephalus

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Researchers at University of Southern California have developed a “smart” shunt system to treat pediatric hydrocephalus, a condition that causes excessive cerebrospinal fluid in the brain leading to brain damage or death if untreated. Current treatment of hydrocephalus involves implanting a shunt into the brain to drain the excessive fluid, but this method is not […]

Junjie Yao holds non-invasive biopsy device

Engineering Minute – Using Non-Invasive Light to Biopsy Vasculitis

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Diagnosing vasculitis, painful inflammation of the blood vessels, is traditionally done with an invasive skin biopsy that could lead to complications especially in patients prone to poor wound healing. Two professors at Duke University have developed a non-invasive biopsy device, using light, that measures the speed, color, and amount of blood flow through the small […]