image of a video where scientist explains how brain prosthesis works

Engineering Minute – Brain Prosthesis

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Brain Prosthesis Could Help Alzheimer's Patients Retain New Memories Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and University of Southern California have successfully developed a prosthesis that can help patient’s retain new memories. The brain prosthesis essentially uses the person’s own memory patterns to facilitate the brain’s ability to record and retain information. It does […]

image of video demonstrating how the robotic spine brace works

Engineering Minute – Robotic Spine Brace

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Robotic Spine Brace for Spine Deformities Researchers at Columbia Engineering have invented a dynamic spine brace, dubbed Robotic Spine Exoskeleton or RoSE, that can be used to treat spine deformities. Unlike traditional rigid sprine braces, RoSE measures the stiffness of the patient’s torso and applies the appropriate amount of corrective pressure. The brace is composed […]

Image of Video demonstrating how AlterEgo AI works

Engineering Minute – Mind Reading AI

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AI reads "thoughts"; transcribes silent speech Researchers at MIT have developed a wearable device and computer system that picks up nueromuscular signals in the jaw, when a person says a word in their head, and translates them into speech. The wearable device consists of bone-conduction headphones that transmit vibrations through the facial bones to the […]

example of the bloodless glucose monitor patch

Engineering Minute – Bloodless Glucose Monitor

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Bloodless Glucose Monitor Scientists at the University of Bath have developed an adhesive¬†bloodless glucose monitor patch that measure glucose levels without ever piercing the skin. Instead of using blood from a traditional finger-prick, the patch draws glucose from fluid between hair follicle cells. The glucose is collected in tiny reservoirs an measured, with the ability […]

close up of nanofiber bandages detailing fibers

Engineering Minute – Nanofiber bandages heal burn victims

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Veteran develops nanofiber bandages for burn victims Inspired by his experience at a military hospital in Afghanistan, a researcher at Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) has developed a nanofiber bandage that dramatically accelerates healing and tissue regeneration in burn victims. The bandages are made of fibronectin which is spun […]

researchers demonstrating how the ultrasound patch can be twisted

Engineering Minute – Flexible Ultrasound Patch

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Flexible Ultrasound Patch Allows Imaging Of Odd Shaped Structures Researchers at UC San Diego have developed a flexible ultrasound patch for use in imaging odd shaped structures, such as machine and building parts, which are normally difficult to image using conventional ultrasound techniques. The thin patch is made of silicone elastomer and an “island-bridge” structure […]

Image of video showing how injectable bandage works

Engineering Minute – Injectable Bandage

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Injectable bandage made from Jell-O-like substance Researchers at Texas A&M University have fabricated an injectable bandage that stops bleeding in situations where a patient could hemorrhage to death. The injectable bandage uses a thickening agent called kappa-carrageenan, made from seaweed, that is commonly used in making pastries. When the thickening agent, which is similar to […]