Engineering Minute – 3D Printed Biomimetic Implant

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Biomimicry is the design and development of materials that model biological systems. One application of biomimicry is implants and prosthesis because the body is less likely to reject material resembling natural tissues. Recently a team from the National University of Science and Technology MISIS, in Russia, in conjunction with the startup Biomimetix, successfully implanted a […]

Contact lenses that change color after releasing drugs into the eye could help doctors determine whether a medication is being delivered to its intended treatment site.

Engineering Minute – Color-Changing Contacts Track Drug Delivery

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In a recent study published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, a group of scientists reported successfully developing a contact lens that changes color as drugs are released. The lens acts as a visual indicator to both doctor and patients that medications used to treat eye diseases have been properly applied.   [caption id=”attachment_9524″ align=”alignleft” […]

Targeted plasticity via vagus nerve stimulation could be used to restore motor functions lost due to stroke or brain injury by using the brain’s natural ability to reorganize

Engineering Minute – Nerve Stimulator Improves Stroke Recovery

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University of Texas at Dallas researchers have developed a new form of stroke therapy that stimulates the vagus nerve, remarkably improving recovery in stroke patients. The device, called Vivistim, is based upon research showing that nerve stimulation increases neural plasticity which in turn enhances recovery. When paired with traditional physical rehabilitation treatment, the vagus nerve […]