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Can You Escape? Synectic Survives Escape New Haven

If you have not heard about the latest craze popping up everywhere, an escape room involves putting a group of people in a room with a scenario and a set amount of time in order to solve a series of puzzles to “escape” from the room. Escape New Haven offered the perfect opportunity to try out one of these rooms during our latest company outing.

Synectic was split into two teams and given the following scenario: You are a crew of scavengers in space. You’ve discovered an abandoned space station orbiting a distant moon. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to scavenge this station for its four valuable energy crystals. Find the crystals, and while you’re at it, also try to find out what’s happened here. Don’t let your oxygen run out, and keep an eye out for danger. You don’t want whatever happened to the crew to happen to you, too…

Armed with only our wits, each team had 60 minutes to complete the task before us. Although neither team made it out on time (on average there is only a 20% success rate) we all had a fun afternoon filled with problem solving and team building. Which team did better, you ask? Remarkably, both Synectic teams were on the exact same puzzle when the clocked stopped, proving that no matter which of our engineers work on your project you will get the same results. If your team is facing a puzzling product development challenge, contact Synectic and we’ll develop the perfect solution. Let us demonstrate how we can bring your product development ideas to life.


Jeff and Julie try out a puzzle before entering “The Room”


Jeff, Jesse, Joe, and Ernest work together on some puzzles


Synectic’s winning team


Relaxing at BAR; celebrating our escape