Bob Percy – Senior Design Engineer

Bob Percy
Bob is a mechanical engineer with a varied background and many years of experience. Starting as a machinist and progressing to inspection and Quality control as well as metrology before his road led to engineering. Once in engineering, he used his previous experience to be able to design components(DFM) and assemblies (DFA) that were both manufacturable and able to be inspected. Able to go from concept thru to finished product, always keeping the customers’ needs in mind during the design and manufacturing process. With a broad scope of industry knowledge ranging from RF connectors and consumer products to Rail servicing equipment and leading to medical equipment and device manufacturing. He has extensive knowledge of machined, cast, and sheet-metal components, as well as structural foam and injection molded plastics. Bob is a retired Veteran of both the US Navy and Air Force as an aircraft mechanic on several airframes and many overseas deployments. When not working Bob enjoys the outdoors, hiking and kayaking as well as motorcycling.